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Final chance to enter a childcare voucher scheme


Posted on: August 16th, 2018 by Austen | | Categories: Funding, Payroll

Final chance to enter a childcare voucher scheme


The deadline has been extended for employees (including directors) to enter into a salary sacrifice arrangement and receive employer supported childcare vouchers. In some circumstances these vouchers will save more tax than if the parent opened a Tax Free Childcare account.

The savings differ from family to family depending on the exact circumstances and the amounts paid to the childcare provider. For example, for those who have been receiving vouchers since April 2011 it may be worthwhile remaining in the voucher scheme, while those who are self-employed will probably find the tax free childcare account to the best option depending on the circumstances of the other parent.

We can show you which is the most beneficial option but with a September pay date deadline for having a voucher scheme and the salary sacrifice arrangements in place, please contact us for a speedy review.

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